Camping is one of the most environmentally friendly and sustainable forms of holiday

More and more campsites are focusing on sustainability, in particular they focus on the campsites' environment and climate impact. As a camper, it can be difficult to navigate around all of this, as sustainability is a concept that can be defined in many different ways.

To make it easier for you as a camper to make a more sustainable choice, the Industry Association Camping Outdoor Denmark has developed the Green Stay certification. Green Stay is a sustainability certification for Danish campsites based on the UN's world goals.

For Camping Outdoor Denmark, it is important that this certification and labeling is transparent and credible. Therefore, fixed criteria have been created for the labeling, and the certification and control processes are carried out by authorized consultants.

You can read more about the certification, its purpose, process and criteria on Camping Outdoor Denmark's website

Green Stay certified campsites
Green Stay is based on the UN's world goals, so a campsite that obtains the certificate contributes to these goals.

In the certification, Camping Outdoor Denmark has selected the primary world goals where the campsites can contribute the most. These world goals have been selected in collaboration with the camping industry, and are based on the competencies and resources that campsites have available.

A campsite with Gren Stay certification therefore contributes to the following world goals:



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